Balloon Hero & Sidekick

Working with twisting balloons has never been this much fun. Any entertainer who works with 260 balloons knows the delight that can be generated with the virtually endless array of creatures and creations you make. From dazzling balloon flower arrangements to the simple joy generated by a poodle or hat made for a child, a balloon artist can be a genuine crowd pleaser.With Balloon Hero, all your time and energy goes into delighting your audience--not huffing and puffing or messing with hand pumps.

Every hero needs a sidekick! And if your balloon work makes you a hero, then you need this lightweight performer at your side. At just 2.6 pounds, Balloon Hero "Sidekick" is the perfect tool for 260s, 160s and other animal balloons. It inflates much faster and more safely than lungs or traditional handpumps. 

Crowd-pleasing motor. The distinctive sound of Balloon Hero or Sidekick means fun is in the air. Kids and adults are naturally drawn to the sound and then ultimately attracted to your work. But the real magic of the 12- and 24-volt motors is in the hundreds and hundreds of #260 balloons you can inflate on a single charge. 400-500 with Sidekick.  700 or more with Balloon Hero. The Hero can even inflate rockets and other larger balloons.

Powerful batteries. Balloon Hero's 24-volt battery can be used to inflate hundreds and hundreds of animal balloons on a single recharge. That should give you some idea of what you can get done in an afternoon. Safe, dry, ni-cad batteries have been with us for some time now in use with products like cordless drills and screw drivers. The 12-volt Sidekick features a compact 12-volt Black and Decker battery. Many people buy an additional battery, especially when they do multiple gigs in a day or weekend. Like all of their "no sweat" features, the design of these pumps makes it easy to detach, change and recharge your batteries. 

Simplicity and ease of use. Our pumps feature  cases that the pump ideally situated at waist level so you can work comfortably all day long with Balloon Hero. PowerWand gives you a 36" hand or  fingertip operated hose. Bags offer room for storage for extras including the push button cap (when pump is in use) as well as the 160 adaptor and battery cap (used when battery is not in use). 

Gemini—The Ultra-Lightweight Member of the Balloon Hero Family

It is so light in weight you might forget you are wearing or carrying it. At 1.9 lbs. Gemini gives you 12-volt inflation power plus an impressive range of features. 

PowerWand—Lightweight power at your side PLUS the convenience of fingertip inflation at the end of a 36" hose

Are you the kind of performer that prefers the convenience of a comfortable, finger-activated inflator hose? Then PowerWand is for you. It features the "magic" of a 36-inch inflator "wand". Wear it at your side or behind your back. Use it comfortably at a table. No matter how you like to work, let the PowerWand put a little magic into your balloon act.