If you are an artist who puts pumps through multiple gigs and hundreds of balloons a day, you might be interested in our new option for "power users." The Balloon Hero Power User Package comes with both an extra battery and an extra pump assembly (the pump assembly contains the motor, compresser, wiring harness and plug).

The pump assembly is the heart of the Balloon Hero cordless inflator. With an extra pump assembly, you can swap in a cool motor if your pump gets too warm from repeated use. Or you can alternate assemblies every other gig to preserve the overall perfomance of your equipment. Having two batteries enables you to keep working while your other battery charges. The Power User Package comes with two 24-volt batteries, two Balloon Hero pump assemblies, one bag and one charger. It is available for $499 on or ordering page. Order yours now.

Changes to Balloon Hero carry packs. We are currently shipping the Balloon Hero in bags by Case Logic. Because the LeZura model is no longer available, we expect to standardize on one of the available Case Logic models shown below once our inventory of the LeZura bags runs out. The Case Logic models are great bags that offer the ideal fit for Balloon Hero components. In addition, there is plenty of pocket space for balloons and other things you carry. We think you like their professional finished appearance, too.

Easy ordering.
Balloon Hero and Balloon Hero Sidekick are available via this website. Order yours now by clicking on "ordering" on the top menu or email

Payments can also be mailed to Balloon Hero, 18 Marian Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Click here for our ordering page .


Balloons and other supplies are not available from the Balloon Hero website. We strongly recommend the resellers above for these.